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Doug A.K.A. "Papa"

Otherwise know as "The King (of Royal Street)", Doug has brought fame and notoriety to Veet's - not only for his annual Elvis Palooza Party, but also for his insatiable apetite for performing "sans pants".  In other words, people who know Doug, usually know Doug, very, very well.

Kay A.K.A. "KK"

Popular among the men and boys, Kay presides over her subjects with class and style.  Referred to in local circles as "the 'normal' one", those who know Doug's hootchie mama are not fooled.  If there's a party going down, Kay will be around.

Gina Jo A.K.A. "The Boss Lady"

Anyone who knows anything about Downtown Mobile is familiar with this buxom brunette. A favorite with the customers for her sparkling smile and warm personality, Gina is often seen all over town flashing goodwill and charm.  As they say in the tabloids, "This girl gets around."

Lisa A.K.A. "The Enforcer"

Not just another pretty face, Lisa has won acclaim throughout the southeast by being named "Meanest Bartender" in the "Under 5 ft." division in the National Bartender Olympics for the past 4 years running, ruling her loyal daytime followers with an iron fist and a rosy cheeked grin.

Tina A.K.A. "The Middle Sister"

Not much is known about this elusive beauty, known only to appear during full moons and the annual Mardi Gras Season.  As a result, she is believed to be one of the few remaining domesticated members of the clan.

Dominic A.K.A. "Gangsta Baby"

Whereabouts unknown.